Telekom is the oldest and major company on the Macedonian telecommunication market. In order to maintain its leadership position, the company needed stronger communication of the brand’s values and advantages.  In the past four years we’ve completed over 50 projects, these are just a few of them…


In 2013 a malign substance aflatoxin was found in the milk produced by several dairies from the region. The consumers feared that the imported milk may not be the only infected milk product on the market. We had to protect Bimilk’s brand image during the crisis. Here is how we did that and earned the trust for over other 50 projects


Sony is premium brand with high price, but the Macedonian market has low purchasing power. The company needed a partner to help convince the potential buyers that Sony products are worth paying for! Sony is our client for over a decade now, here is how we earn their trust…


Sparkasse hired us for the rebranding of onvest bank into Sparkasse Bank Makedonija.That one project turned into a cooperation on more than 120 other projects.Here is why...


 In 2011 the Government of Republic of Macedonia gave us the task to motivate young people to think like entrepreneurs and start their own business instead of waiting the state to take care of their employment. Here is how we approach the problem and got people working on their business plans…


Nova is the first private international school with expensive tuition. They offered program and facilities like no other school, but had one problem – our challenge: to convince the potential students and their parents that NOVA offers the best education and it’s worth the investment! This is how we earned their trust for seven consecutive years…


 In 2010 the telecommunication provider ONE had two very specific offers to present on the market dominated by the competition. They trusted us to help them with the task. The result: all stock sold in two months! This is how we did it…


As part of the campaign for encouraging innovation and creative thinking, we developed a TV show featuring positive examples of people in Macedonia who already implemented their innovative ideas and for whom innovative thinking was a way of life. The public loved the TV show and we were commissioned to do additional episodes.


 Low level of trust Macedonian citizens have for insurance companies is a hindrance for the purchase of life insurance. We designed a strategy to overcome this barrier by sending a message that people’s money are safe in Winner Life because it is an Austrian company, practically every Austrian has a life insurance and the company has tradition of more than 180 years.


Established in 2001 as a result of our belief in the need for an agency that would anticipate client needs and offer them state-of-the-art solutions for their problems through the integration of a variety of marketing services

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